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How can I make more money?

How can I make more money?
xfx 580

Get a second one

Finding cheaper electricity prices is going to be the biggest impact with that single GPU.

Your current card can’t pay for itself at $0.18/kWh, much less the CPU, RAM, Motherboard, networking, etc., requirements.

As Keaton suggested, you need increased hashrate per watt of the total system to make more “money”.

should the merge occur in aug-oct (???), it will make new cards hard to pay for themselves. So it will be a hard decision whether to buy gpus at this time. Unless you get them at a very good price and have cheap electricity. At least for now lhr isn’t so much of a factor.

Also, I guess we all assumed you are mining eth. If you aren’t that would help :smirk: whattomine states about 30 mh/s. If you aren’t close check

Yes, that’s right, I mine Ethereum. I do not pay for electricity. I have 2 decks of 12 cards. xfx 580 8gig hynix