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How adjust the power limit over the power cap

hi guys. when I dual mining eth+ton with my XFX vega56(hynix) , I found the card need more power to get more hashrate. but the bios set power cap with 150w. I set power limit at 165w but the card still be limited to 150w. In the windows , the driver can adjust to +50% more power . how can I that in hive os?

Are you upping the core clock for the card to take advantage of the increased power limit?

sure. at last I flash some other nano vega56 bios (which set the limit at 165w) into my card. and get some more ton hashrate. but I still want keep the org bios. so I want adjust the soft power cap or modify the org bios with 165 or higher power cap.
after searching the internet and github . I did not found any useable vega bios editer ( there was two repo named VegaBiosReader and VegeBiosEditer but both of them is not work)

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