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Hot temps on 3060Ti and 1660Ti

Hi, I have 2 3060Ti ( [Inno3D GeForce RTX 3060 Ti TWIN X2 LHR), I cannot OC correctly to reduce temps neither to mine near 60MH… any tip on those cards?

Also I’ll like to low the temperature of the 1660Ti…

Here’s the current parameters:


Never use core offsets on modern cards, they’ll be much happier with locked core clocks. The goal being to find the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate. No need for a power limit that way too.

Thanks for your comments…

However setting the core clock to 1350 did not reduce neither wattage or temps on the 3060ti

Can you post an updated screenshot? Did you reboot after making changes?

here you have…yes, I rebooted… for now I just change one 3060ti…

Remove power limits, set locked core clocks for all cards

What is your ambient temperature, i have never seen 1660 ti runing at 72 C while taking only 64 W, even one fan coller ones. My worst 1660 super one fan asus phoneix runs at 58 with 74W draw and in warehouse with median ambient temperature around 25 C.

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