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HivesOS reboot crashes my rig

Hello Guys !
I need your help to solve an issue i’ve been facing for days now…
I have a 13 Rx 580 GPU RIG with only 7 GPU running.

I’m getting a black screen when i start my 8th GPU, you can check the reboot behaviour through the below link.

checking my rig.conf file i have this variable not initialized (X_DISABLED=)

Nothing changes after deleting it or commented it or even set X_DISABLED=1.
I will still get a black screen and and when the miner starts it crashes my rig in less than 1 min… My HDMI cable is well connected to the main GPU plugged in 16x slot.

May you please help me to understand where the issue comes from ?
It works fine on windows.

I reinstalled back my OS and upgraded itm but still…
my mother board is H110 PRo BTC+

Thanks a lot for your help !

In my personal experience anything past 5 gpus in one rig. Stabilization becomes an issue

the only thing i can say on this matter is check and make sure you have the power to run all the cards and then boot with only one gpu if it works then add another etc…
when i was running 6+ card systems i had to do this every time

Yes that’s what I did until 7 GPUs, then I wanted to go further more with the 8th GPU and everything goes dark…
Ihave 2 PSU corsair HX1200w and it works fine. I can even run also 7 GPU in only 1 PSU.
I did all those tests. And the thing is that it working fine on other OS.
And you’re right all rig with more than 6 GPU is pain in the ass to manage…