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Hivepool deleted my mining progress and just took my money i guess

hive pool deleted my farm’s progress before 3am this morning and reset my earnings in the pool and stole about somewhere in the neighborhood of 150-200 bucks from me. I checked my wallet address I don’t have a static wallet so I know I need to keep the address updated and it was up to date so my eth as of rn is just missing. If this doesn’t get resolved imma have to look into different pools or services. I know nicehash has a security issue maybe hive did to and just didn’t think it important enough to mention

have u contacted support about this before posting to Forum… maybe this can be solved with ease…

ya know I constantly forget there is support cause u seemly need to log out to get to the chat…

Also what r u like a fanboy or something, even if support fixes it with ease I’d still like to know if other people have the issue and on what scale I mean if this repeats ur talking thousands of dollars so excuse me…

sorry boss… was just trying to help… rude mtf

Call me rude whatever, but your first message was basically saying “shut up and go to support” so its a bit like the pot calling the kettle black

so u have some mental issues or what…go to facebook to pick a fight! It was not me who caused you issues …are 15yrs or something, get a grip man!


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