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Hiveos & XMRIG-NEW & Hugepages

Hello. It appears that HiveOS does not enable 1GB Hugepages by default, and I am attempting to figure out how to do so. As you can see from the attached images, I have a E5-2699 V3 18 Core Xeon CPU. Each core has 2 hyperthreads – and I have not yet disabled hyperthreading or whatever the Xeon name is for hyperthreading … not yet.

I wanted to figure out how to get HiveOS to enable 1GB Hugepages.

Found on another website:

Adding support for 1gb_huge_pagez

1)Edit /etc/default/grub by using nano from terminal

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

Navigate to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX and append default_hugepagesz=2M hugepagesz=1G hugepages=3

  1. Update grub using command

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

:open_mouth: *Note that “default_hugepagesz=2M hugepagesz=1G hugepages=3” was not a part of the default string of information in HiveOS… this means that even IF you add this information, it will be lost upon upgrading to a new hive image…

For me - this DID NOT WORK.
I’ll try disabling hyperthreading next …


After disabling hyperthreading in the bios, XMR hashrate increased from 6.4k → 7.8k over the entire 18-Core processor. I’m still hitting a wall when it comes to enabling 1G Hugepages in HiveOS. Does anyone have it enabled or care to share their CPU settings?

Adding the following to “Extra config arguments” in the Flightsheet helped:

“randomx”: { “1gb-pages”: true }



Modified Extra Config Arguments (For Intel Xeon), 2GB assigned per core, so with 18 cores, 36GB of RAM is needed.:

“donate-level”: 1
“randomx”: { “init”: -1, “init-avx2”: -1, “1gb-pages”: true, “mode”: “fast”, “numa”: true, “wrmsr”: 15 }

I don’t expect this thread to generate too much interest, but just wanted to post my experiments.


Hey there. Well i am interested.
Trying to figure it out
Got a 8gb RAM. This is my current state. Any clues on how to improve it?

10400F is not good choice for monero mining. It has 12MB L3 cache only. So It is not possible to run max number of threads. I have nearly same results with an old 2640(6/12 cores, 2.5GHz, 2011 socket, 2328-2448MHs) because of 15MB L3 cache. It is possible to get cca 4300MHs (like R5 2600 stock) with high overclock. See link for benchmark results.

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