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HiveOs wont recognise one Nvidia Rtx 3070 gpu

Hey I’m hoping someone here can help,
I recently switched to HiveOs from Win10 and its been great.
But I can’t get the system to recognise all the GPUs

Motherboard: Asrock b450 pro4
Gpu: 6 x Rtx 3070

My HiveOs will not recognise one of my GPUs, the GPU in question

I am presently having the same issue with one GPU MSI 1660. I just tried to update the NVIDIA driver to 460.67, it didn’t help.

Maurice have you tried to plug your GPU in a different PCIe slot ?

Doesn’t the ASROCK b450 block pcie ports based on the number of 16x you take (they share lanes if I remember correctly)? Yank your M2 and see if it starts working.

@MAURICE You should install the nvidia driver 455.45.01

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