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HiveOS with MiningPoolHub

I’ve recently flashed hiveos to my mining rig and I want to mine on miningpoolhub with phoenix miner. But when i start mining it would say unknown pool parameter, missing host or wallet for pool 1 from epools.txt
/hive/miners/phoenixminer/ line 23: 16772 segmentation fault, (core dumped) exitcode 139 waiting to cool down a bit
I have no idea what to do anymore and i can’t seem to get phoenixminer to start, can someone please help

how many GPUs are you running? I see this error over 15

I started getting this today at 3:00pm GMT-6. Two of my GPU’s are about 10MH slower. I can’t remember what I was doing at the time, but I can’t do anything to get the error resolved and my clock settings are as they were before the error began. I have 5 GPU’s, and reluctantly, I have a RTX 3060 that I’ve been unable to get above 26. (Until this started anyway) :frowning:

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