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HiveOS Windows [bugs report]


I’ve just installed HiveOS Windows on my PC, and first in the installer we must choose where cygwin will be installed, not force on the main drive.

Now two bugs:

1 - with the selfupgrade command don’t work:

/hive/bin/selfupgrade: ligne 10: dpkg : commande introuvable
/hive/bin/selfupgrade: ligne 15: apt-get : commande introuvable
Repository update failed

2 - On the web interface where xxx correspond to my Windows, a possible update appear, but If hover my mouse it’s appear it’s the update for Linux version of HiveOS.

hi, we are also testing it, mainly because afaik windows os supports 19 gpus unlike linux that crashes when we use more than 16. I also found several bugs, but this is a beta version yet.

will be a new (beta/release) version in the near future ? (i hope so!)