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HiveOS website keeps signing out

Hi there, I got my first gpu running and its mining and everything is going ok on that side, but I had a major problem on the process: the browser keeps signing me off! Like every 2-3 clicks, i get signed out. It was a torture to get the settings right but i managed after like 2 hours signing in and out.

I tried a lot of things like changing IP, browser, computer, incognito, deleting cookies/storage data, smartphone, other ISP, etc, but the behavior is always the same: after 2-3 clicks i get kicked to the login page.

Anyone with any similar issue or any clues on how to solve this?


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Yep same issue, keeps logging off the website or mobile app after every click. This has been happening for last 2 days.

Same issue here… Really annoying

Even the mobile app gives this error?

Or just through the computer’s browser?

In my case even the mobile app.

Here I performed the tests since yesterday and it remains normal.

I don’t know if it’s because my password is already saved in the browser or because my browser version is:

Google Chrome Version 88.0.4324.182 (Official version) 64-bit

0,[email protected]
OpenCL 20.40

Same problem here, insane mistake.

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