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Hiveos upgrade gpu problems

about 2 months ago updated nivida drivers and hive os and was impressed with 51mega hash with 1400core and 1800 mem and 138 watts on my 3 xrt3060ti then after a2 weeks the rig had a power surge now the cards won’t over clock and only get 25 megahash if I do try and clock them I lose or megahash any 1 had the same problem or ideas I have swopws the pci risers and tried a few things on u tube but no luck are my cards fried

Do a fresh install, run hive-replace -s -y In the shell and wait for it to reboot itself. Then do a hiveos update and let me know where that puts you

done the hive-replace now im wurst of this came up and no megahash what so ever

not sure if my rig is meant for this world(committing suicide) lol

I would try a fresh install again, if that doesn’t work maybe try the latest beta and see if the cards are still not showing properly. Then I’d test a single card and so on

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