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HiveOS updates suggestion

Hello devs and admins
I’d like to suggest to HiveOS team that instead od releasing that much updates to the miner and OS fixes

How about releasing it on a weekly basis instead if required, unless it is a security or critical patch

This way users dont need to reboot their rigs very often and weekly reboot is better than randoms, sometimes daily and sometimes 3 updates in a day and sometimes 2 days

Thanks in advanced

Please keep it this way, better to make an update every single day, and update the miner to the latest. Thanks

I prefer miner updates asap too! Please keep it like this way.

What if you you have 10,20 or 50 rigs
how you u will manage to update them all?

thats what i meant, for a large scale miner, it is better to be periodic rather than random updates

and btw guys (@od1n & @futurerheza) im just suggesting :slight_smile: