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HiveOS takes a lot of power in idle (no mining), why and how can i fix it?

Hi all,

what is the reason that my HiveOS systems takes a lot of power in idle (no mining)? (see screenshot)

Background of the question:
I had an internet failure whereupon the rig ran for several hours without internet at over 500W.
Under Windows each graphic card is running idle with max. 10-30W but not with over 100W.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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I also have this question for a while, it happens to all my HiveOS rigs, and in comparison, I noticed that NiceHash OS (also on Linux) fully stops power usage when power is stopped, I get ~50W remaining on wall socket. And with HiveOS I get around 234W remaining at socket. Out of 590W while mining.
So it consumes 40% of power while sitting around doing nothing.
That just sounds fishy to me and people don’t seem to know or care why.

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