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HiveOs stops miner suddenly and opens NBminer with pool in asia by itself

Hello, for 1 day I have a rather strange problem. I am currently mining with TRex Miner 0.25.12 with 8 Nvidia gpus (4 are LHR) and the problem occurs when after about 1 hour and 40 minutes the miner stops by itself and automatically opens NBMiner and starts mining towards a pool in Asia and another wallet.
I thought my HiveOs account had been hacked.
Then I deleted my account, created a new one, flashed the usb stick, made sure to use another email and 2fa verification but the problem still persists.
My second RIG on the same farm works fine with 3 Rtx 3060 lhr.
I’m trying lowering the OC a lot and see if it still persists.

In the image you can see how the problem occurs. I would appreciate your help because I don’t know what to do.

Have you changed the default passwords for SSH etc ?

It sounds like you have something infected on your network that is being used to launch and attack and take control of your miner