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HiveOS statistic problem?


I have serious holes in my rig stats reports

My rig continue to work welle as the pool stats are fine, but got holes for 10 to 30mn in hive web site
Same thing on all rigs

Global stats for farm are ok

Can anyone comfirm that it is hive not the net battling us?

Because I think it is net.

Same shit this night …

How much time will it last ?
Allmost the same period each day, staring by late (GMT+2) 20:00 to 02:00
During day, nothing to say

Nothing with internet ISP

I did change on my DNS : no impact
Internet reset : no impact
Rig reboot : no impact

Can’t figure out if yes/no my rigs are correctly mining without standing in front of screen during hours

How many of us are we encountreing this problem ??
Anyone from HiveOS can statue on this please ?

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same problem the last few days … do you have this with a newer OS? (my OS is [email protected])

My system is up to date ( [email protected] )

I highly suspect Internet problem relative to increase of activity by evening.
I am at GMT +2 and you ?

We have the exact same pattern

During that “holes”, I noticed that I received much less new jobs

I had the same problem for weeks so I reinstalled the OS and it stopped the dead spots for now but LOLMiner keeps rebooting 6 times a day.
Going to try gminer now.

Interesting, going to rollback to an old version on one rig to see if any change happen
But I still suspect Internet issue, I also have this problem under Windows, some lacks receiving new jobs

Well it didn’t last long it started with Dead Spots again after about a DAY after the reinstall.
I hope someone else figures it out but I am going to try and pull the EVGA 3060 LHR card out and see if it runs stable again.

May I know where you’re located @greenmeanie ? in order to make some crosschecks

US East

I am from EU, so we are not in the same internet location.
I went back to 0.6-206 on one rig, problem remains exactly the same.
Got a giant hole from 19:05 to 19:50 GMT+2
Stats look ok from the pool, but I confirm that during this peroid I received much less new job but don’t know hwo it really impact on hashing process :confused:

I had a 50 minute dead spot today too along with smaller dead spots.
13:05 to 13:50 US East time was that biggest one.

Or maybe some shithead is trying to ateal our hash few seconds few mins for few shares. Combined total. Millionaire.
Let us pay the eassy way
So we can support
Not all of us using hive have more than 4 rigs.

Alguno tiene alguna explicacion logica de esto? el minero parece estar trabajando bien…de todas maneras creo se ralentizo un poco las descargas…pero no tengo ningun error y en los ultimos dias esta la estadistica llena de vacios…se dan de a grupos como mencionaban mas arriba…es decir en deterninados horarios…saludos

Upgraded to 0.6-210 and much less holes in stats, only one either

Any link with ?

  • Improved update process (added GPUs re-detection after update; added attempt to fix broken packages)
  • Improved stratum latency checker (more accurate data)

It looks like a new episode of stat is running

Now the pool reports 0 !


Still receiving job & sharing founds

Same is happening with my rigs also!!


The stat gaps are merely API hiccups, either caused locally or wide(actual stat server issues), and generally have absolutely no effect on your mining operations. It just means the agent wasn’t able to communicate with the server for these stats at these given times. You can quite easily confirm this by checking pool-side stats and cross-checking the times when these hiccups occur, or, if you have logs enabled, your local logs even.

As long as the pool is still receiving shares, and the miner log is saying you are still sending shares; you are great.

Anyway it’s annoying as you have to take care to what’s happening. I may be a more critical point of view being a paid user.

Things turned again normally.