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Hiveos SRBMiner config fails

I set dual mining and I put two wallets for mining.
But the miner acts as it s not dual mining.

SRBMiner dev confirmed that everthing is good at the GUI and there is a problem on HiveOS config.
Please fix the problem.


fill out the drop downs in the flight sheet config, yours are empty

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Thanks for the info. But there is no RXD (Radiant) option in there. Could you add it, please ?

It’s there, scroll down til you see rxd

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thanks for the tip. dual mining works well now.

to the developers:
First Coin is always auto. We see the coin while we are typing…
Second Coin is not auto. We have to scroll down and find it. It will be good if it is auto like first coin.

I understand that it is more profitable than KAS or Alph in dual mode… Do you use a personalized wallet? What exchange do you use