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Hiveos spends more time doing nothing than mining?

i dont understand why this os never is doing anything? it mines. then it stops. then it does nothing till i reboot it?
i disabled the pill hiveos wont work properly (for me) with it on.

Yes that’s a bit of an issue I’m seeing, too.

Possible solutions:

  • hashrate watchdog
  • scheduled reboots

With hashrate watchdogs I’ve also noticed that they sometimes trigger a reboot that never happens.

General Solution for this:

  • get some kind of IOT Plug and make sure your mainboard is set to reboot on power loss

Hope that helps.


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seams like my overclocks that were stable in windows were not stable in hive. i backed the oc down and got it going! also added hashrate watchdog as per powerstache’s advice.

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yea this hiveOS sucks ass. this stupid things constantly reboots with no frikkin OC’s
it sucks because i have 2 hassee 1080’s that are driver locked to 377 win windows.
ive stripped this POS down to just 1080’s and it still stops mining

Hmm … yeah many people seem to have these problems. Maybe you want to have a look at this reddit thread:

Otherwise, I’ve had success with downgrading / upgrading hive or the drivers. Sometimes it’s also the miner used causes issues with your particular hardware.
For my Nvidia Cards I use nbminer at the moment, before that I used T-Rex which also crashed very often. My AMD cards run stable on Phoenixminer.


I’ve discovered that the watchdog is buggy. If you reboot the rig before restarting the mining software, the rig will reboot. Otherwise, it will not work.

See what I’ve posted here: Watchdog Set up for Reboot When Offline - #9 by CryptHoe

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i know how to use windows. Reading also seams to be absent for you as there is no mining without OC, not how to use ethpill or get more MH. just how do i keep hiveos stable. this OS seams to have reasons (excuses) why it wont work consistently when my windows rigs are going 24/7, HICEHASHOS was left for 6+months while i was out of town but hiveos cannot go 6 days to save its miserable existence in my life.

ive been slowly selling off my cards from this rig and getting out of hiveos. just need to sell these 2 hasee cards and hive is out of my life

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