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HiveOS Slow Control Panel - Hopefully this maybe useful to someone

Hi All,

This is my first post so be gentle :slight_smile:

The below is probably me just being a newbie and not realizing what i was doing but on the off chance it may help someone else i thought i would post it and save someone some time.

I have been having an issue where my HiveOS Control Panel would be really slow when working directly on my rig, i spent ages trying to work out what was causing it to run slow, it was even bad when i wanted to scroll down the screen. After a lot of checking and changing bits i still could not work it out.

I was on my phone yesterday where i login normally but didn’t realize when i first set it up i just created a Firefox shortcut on my phones home screen and not the app, i then realized every time i clicked on the shortcut on my phone home screen it was opening another tab, I had 34 tabs open to my control panel, after shutting down all the tabs its now fine and runs nice and smooth.

Have a great day all.


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