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HiveOS Setup and configuration Guide (Wallets with examples)

Hi all, I’ve created a guide for setting up HiveOS. As well as setting up the rigs to mine for Ravencoin and (or) Equihash on Nicehash.

I also have a more in-depth look at getting set up from scratch over at Greater Commons (A site like Udemy for posting courses section by section).

I will eventually post these videos to YouTube but not all at once and there’s no real way to do it section by section like on the education sites. Not to mention YouTube pays $0.00 and my time is worth more then that.

thank you for any support! =)

Hi There :slight_smile: Great Video really informative, just thought i would reach out and see if you might be able to help me with a few things.

This is probably a Noob problem but, my challenge is i have not managed to set up the wallets correctly and or set up a pool?

(I have had a look at buying your course to help learn but not sure if this specific challenge is covered, but certainly happy to donate for your help.)

Currently I have Hive OS booted onto my mining PC from a USB (just my gaming PC to begin with) this has now just the one Rx580 4gb in it. (Hopefully many more to come if i can get everything working) I am wanting to mine Monero only for the time being.

I set up a hive account and added a Rig that seemed quite straight forward. then the harder part…

When I set up my new wallet i just put my Monero GUI wallet address in the highlighted section of the image and also selected XMR Stack CPU -(although i will select “XMR AMD Nvidia CPU” next time)

I also put in my rid ID and password into the Hive Linux screen, (i think it started mining on a default pool or something) But after 3 / 4 days nothing ever was paid out to my wallet, and from watching your video i believe i set up the Wallet incorrectly.

But I am not sure what i need to put in all the other fields or if i need to find my own pool .

Any help would be amazing and more than happy to donate something to you for your help, I am setting up this from New Zealand :slight_smile:

@cyrano Did you get Monero to work?

@jerryroy1 no i haven’t yet, will let you know if i do :slight_smile:

Looking for assistance with setting up cryptonight wallets
Have mining pool with friends, but cant get wallet set up correctly! Keep crashing

Maybe a better example than in hiveos

Any help would be awesome!