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Hiveos Scheduler not working

Anyone else running into the same issue?
I am trying to change my daily schedule, at 7:30am, but it keep change it to 00:12 with update failed error.
see my screen shot. This wasn’t issue before, I only encountering this for the last couple month.


Are you using a browser? If so try clearing cache/or another browser

Yes, using Chrome. I tried cleared cache. did not work. also tried Firefox and Edge. None of these browsers works either.

exactly same thing here - might be a bug - I am on mac and I can confirm same problem on safari

Same thing started a week ago for me. Tried multiple browsers using a Mac and all exhibit the same bug. I was able to successfully create a schedule on my iPhone using the Hive app without issue.

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It works in the android app.
Chrome, Firefox, Opera - not working.

Lol. Hive fixed the problem. No issue change schedule through web browser now.