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HiveOS: RTX 3060 Linux Driver update to improve hashrates for Ethereum?

Hi All:

I know some of us are waiting for HiveOS linux driver update for Nvidia RTX 3060 to improve the Hashrate for Ethereum.

The driver should work with PCI-X 1X GPU riser, 1/many riser support.

HiveOS dev, can you update when this is available?

Anyone else with news, please update here.

Please keep this topic updated and current on the forum until resolved.



I have my lone 3060 on motherboard by itself. I have a HDMI Emulator. I just need the vbios/driver to get to full hashrate. Can anyone help?

There is no driver for Hiveos that will enable full hashrate on ethereum, and it is not realistic to expect that there will ever be one.

Thanks for the reality check bminer. My choices are (a) to use it in windows, (b) accept 1/2 hash rate, or ©sale and buy cards that fit HiveOS better.

Likely © unless my kid talks me in to letting have for his game PC.

If there are cards that have a shorter payback time than the RTX 3060 I’d change cards. If not, use Windows.

I use the 3060 for my desktop, but I will sell it as soon as I can get a more powerful card. Currently waiting for 6x 3080 and 2x 3070.

Any experience with a Radeon PRO W5700

I am mining ETC with at around 50 MH, it will not run ETH, not sure why.

I got the card at retail price, but ETC value will be a long payback.

i am running 8 cards. 2 580’s, 1 3060, 1 3080, 2 570’s, 1 2070, 1 w5700

always looking for the next card.

Hmm, I disagree with this.

If nvidia have a driver for windows that can unlock the hashrate in windows, they probably have one for Linux.

It might take sometime for that to be leaked out. Just have to wait.

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Hello guys, newbee here. Also waiting for a decent driver for 3060 in HiveOS. Any news?

I have not heard anything yet. It might take sometime.

I heard people are talking about Hiveos is able to unlock 75% of hashrate for RTX 3060. If someone has info on how to do this, please post here. Thanks!

Also found this video.

though I did not get my miner to work since it has 1650 super cards, it refuse to OC, I guess this just work if you have 3060 only cards.

If someone else get 3060 to work with other cards on the same miner, please post pictures.


I dunno about that. Lol! We haven’t been able to read vram temp on Nvidia cards, but we can in Windows. According to the dev I spoke with, it is due to Nvidia not including that ability in the Linux version of the driver. it’s like anyone using Linux is a second class citizen.

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