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HiveOS Rigs will only come back online if Every Rig on the same network is restarted


So I am running into an interesting issues with my Rigs and am unsure how to proceed. I have 20 Rigs running a mix of Hiveos 0.6.172 and 0.6.175 and am having connectivity issues. All of my Rigs went offline and did not come back on their own. I rebooted a few times to no avail. I connected an HDMI to one rig and did a net-test after rebooting and everything failed. However, when I turned every single rig off, rebooted the one rig, and then tried the net-test again, everything passed. I proceeded to turn all of the rigs back on and they have now all come back online. I did not run into this type of issue with Windows or MSos so this has to be something HiveOS related. Have any of you experienced something similar to this or know a solution?

All of my rigs are connected with ethernet, split into 3 network switches, all connected to one Ethernet cord providing internet. I have disconnected the ethernet cords from the computers and disconnected the internet Ethernet cord from the wall. Technical specs of my rigs below, all rigs are the same

CPU: Intel Celeron G3930
Ram: Corsair Value-Select 8gb 2133mhz
MOBO: Asus B250 Mining Expert
GPUs: Gigabyte RX 580 8gb (x12)
SSD: Crucial 120gb (Hiveos installed here)

same issue here. any updates on your end?

Yeah I fixed it! So there were two things that were causing the issue.

The first was that I was overloading my network switches. I had it setup so that 2 of my fully loaded 8 port network switches went into a single 8 port network switch. That last switch also had 5 computers on it, along with the internet coming into the room. Splitting the computers into a 24 port switch solved most of my issues. My rigs would also go down when DHCP leases had to be renewed so setting static IPs was the final step to solving my issues. It’s been smooth sailing since. I hope this helps!

Thanks for getting back to me! I’m already on a 24 port switch so I’ll give the static leases a shot. Really appreciate the tip!

I’m having the same issue where the switches start blinking really fast and in sync, if I reboot the routers and switches everything works again. I’ve noticed this happen more when I’m making configuration changes to the rigs.

Here is the solution to this.

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