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HiveOS rig strange behaviour, mining into crash

Hello guys,

I have a little problem recently with one of my rigs and I still can’t grasp it properly.

The rig stop giving data to HiveOS server (Green API problem) but as you can see from the pic the miner is still running on HIVEON (yellow).

When I try to login via Ethernet, I am welcome with that message:

Spamming the “CONNECT” doesn’t work and keeps giving the same message.

I can’t perform any actions via HiveOS.

If I let it run for long it will eventually crash. So I just reboot it manually with a classic ON/OFF.

It happened to me several times, but ONLY with that rig.

Anyone has any idea of what could be the problem please?

Are you running the pill? Have you tried a fresh hive install?

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