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HiveOS Rig Fee Suggestion

We pay 3$ for each rig if we have over 4 rigs. I have 30 rigs running on HiveOS. So I pay 90$ each month. I want to add more rigs to HiveOS instead of Windows.

3$ sounds good for 12 pcs GPU rigs. (RX470,RX570 and above,GTX1060 6GB, and above.)
But there is a problem if we use a few GPU on a rig or older GPU like GTX1050 2GB, RX550 2GB etc.

is it possible to pay acording to how many GPU on a rig ?
is it possible to pay acording to which type GPU on a rig ?

For example: I have two RX480 8GB. I have to use Windows for these two GPUs. I want to use HiveOS but 3$ for 2 GPUs is so much.

For example: I have 6 GTX1050 2GB. The profit is not good. But i want to use them in HiveOS. But I have to use them in Windows beacuse of the cost.

The pricing structure as it stands is very simple and easy to understand.

To change this per number of gpu’s per rig, and the type of gpu’s would be similar to windows server licensing, on the number of sockets, number of cores etc… unnecessarily confusing.

should people who have 5700 XT’s pay more than someone with 570 4gb?

surely the idea is to run as many GPU’s in a rig as much as possible?

if 2 cards are run in a rig, on average they will mine $80+ per month, $3 is cheap for the benefits no?



I am starting with this mining deal. Congrats on your 30 rigs.

This is not an answer to your question.

Have you consider having rigs with more GPUs? and maybe finding something else to do with the low power GPUs?

Depending on your hardware probably all you need is motherboards that can hold more GPUs, and the racks for it.

As I am starting with this… I would like the opportunity to ask:

Have you look into other thecs instead of GPUs? like the ASIC and FPGA?

At what point you think is good to start considering those?