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HiveOS refuses to update "Unable to get url for Stable image" and "Inconsistency detected..." as well as "Some index files failed to download..."

Hey everyone,

So I’ve got this rig in a remote farm and need to update it however selfupgrade --force and hive-replace -s don’t want to work no matter what. For hive-replace -s it says “Unable to get url for Stable image” and selfupgrade returns “Inconsistency detected…” as well as “Some index files failed to download…”

Any weird things when you run net-test? Wonder if there’s something blocking some of hives servers locally/at your isp level.

Nope, everything seems fine. I have other rigs also connected to the same network and only one of these rigs is having these issues.
Screenshot 2022-04-08 092442

Possibly a failing drive, do you have another drive to test with?

Yes I do, the issue is that the rig is in a hosted farm quite far away. Guess I’m forced to keep it like that.

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