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HiveOS Refuses to see second GPU on my setup

Hello all! First post here, please let me know f should be posting any different.

I have an AsRock B450 Pro 4 that I Am using as a basis for a new mining rig. I started with a single MSI RX 580 8gb, and recently acquired another one, identical to the first.

I installed it in the second PCI Express Slot, booted into HiveOS, and it didn’t recognize the GPU. Here’s what I’ve done, and what I’ve tried. I can’t seem to get it to work

++HiveOS Side++
-Created new USB Installation with New USB Drive
-Re-Created workers
-Rebooted Umpteenth Times

++BIOS Side++
-I’ve enabled Above 4G Encoding
-I’ve disabled CSM
-I don’t see a way to set my PCI to GEN 2, but I set it to 4x4x4x4 instead of 16x
-Reset Bios to factory Settings, re set up again
-HIVEOS Boots and is stable mining on the single GPU, with the second one not appearing anywhere in the system.

-Card verify working in other systems, and first slot of this one (Stress Tested and passed)
-Card Turns on, Fans Spin, Lights come on
-Off of a single 600w EVGA 80+ Bronze PSU
-The PCI Power is off a single PCI Cable from the PSU. This was split from the factory into 2 (6+2) power connectors.

Any help would be appreciated. I don’t know what else to try. I know the card works 100%.

Thank You!

i think riser is needed for the second one. the two PCIe might be duplex or something like that.

Riser from the original / first PCI Slot?

one card on PCIE and the next with riser on pcie 1x the small ones.

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