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HiveOS recognize GPU but I can't start mining

Hi! I’ve been trying to set up HiveOS on my computer. These are my specs:
Ryzen 5 3600, msi 550 gaming plus, 250 gb SSD samsung with Windows OS, RTX 3070 GPU.
I followed this tutorial, see the link below:

I have flashed a USB thumb drive and choose to boot from the USB instead of SSD. I didn’t get the same boot sequence as he gets around 7.40 in the clip where it loads different information and you see the HiveOS logo. My computer kind of froze and after some time I could see a blue background with 3 lines of text. I think one line said something about HiveOS and another about system… (it was just there a few seconds). Should I have chosen something maybe of one of them to boot as he does in the clip?

Anyways, later it booted into something which looked like a Linux-based OS similar to windows 10 but very downscale (In other words a graphic based and a text-based OS). It had an icon for firefox down to the left but you couldn’t start it. It had three more icons, I don’t remember the names now but one was like the command prompt. Then it rebooted and I changed back to the original boot order. Now when I logged into my GPU from the ryzen 5 does show up but I cant mine. I select a flight sheet but it just loads for like 2 minutes and it says the GPU is offline. I’m sending some screenshots of how it looks:

What can I do to start mining? Is this problem I’m having perhaps because I have Windows on my computer, maybe I should just have one dedicated rig with no Windows OS on whatsoever?
Thanks in advance

Check your flight sheet,no miner is selected

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