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Hiveos reboot with WakeAlarm everytime - how to do it?

Hi Miners! Can anyone instruct me on how to set HiveOS to reboot everytime with wakealarm=30? I want to completely replace standerd Reboot with it.
I’m aware that it is kind of brute force solution, weird for some of you but it’s a shortcut to resolution of my issues. Every time I got GPU error on my rig and RIG restarts, it got stuck on long time taking logs recovery, huge LA readings, AMD OC problems etc. But if I power off the rig completely for 5-10 sec and then power on again, HiveOS starts normally and comes back to mining beautifully. It works the same good when I reboot with wakealarm=30 from top Menu power button.
My RIG is: Asus Mining Expert B250 +8 1070ti +2 RX570

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Did you ever get this figured out? I would also like to know how to do this.