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HiveOS reboot (or crash)


I started using HiveOS few weeks ago. And it’s pretty cool to use and mine with it.
Since 1 week, I was not able to boot the computer.
I cannot remember exactly after what that happend (watch dog, but also disabled now).

It’s keep rebooting computer at the end of os boot.
It seems to be related to GPU pluged.
I only have 1 in the default PCIe 16x.
When removing it, it’s booting fine.

I decided today to copy a new image on my ssd, booted without any GPU pluged in.
Entend my rig id and password.

All look to start good.
When plugin GPU (1 have 2 x Sapphire rx580 Nitro+ 8Gb (1 never been used to mine)
it cannot boot/reboot at end of initialization.

So, I know my 2 GPU are OK, can boot on windows with them.
And I also tested that at least 1 is OK for gaming.

What can cause this problem ?
Is there any parameters keeped in my hiveos online account that might do this ?

What can I do to test more and find the root problem ?

Best regards.


I’ve had same issue with AMD card that when booting to hiveos the screen just go black
then after reading i realized that there is an issue with AMD drivers and hiveos specially with BIOS modded cards and to make the screen work u will need to disable GUI from HiveOS we console ( worker settings -> disable GUI)


I just fixed it buy buying a new power.
I known know why even if I disabled power monitoring from motherboard bios,
it was still crashing when changes in power usage where to high but below power capacity.
The new one is working fine.

Best regards.