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HIVEOS randomly detecting GPUS

Hello All,

i’m currently running my mining with this setup:

Motherboard: 760ga-p43 (Specification 760GA-P43 (FX) | MSI Global - The Leading Brand in High-end Gaming & Professional Creation)

processor: AMD FX™ - 6300 six-core //3500MHz

ram: 12g dd3

3x RX580 xfx
1x GT1070 (nvidia)
2x GT1080 mini (zotac)

so basically, my board have 4 PCI-e slots, when i connect directly all the 4 cards (without 1x4 usb splitter) HIVEOS detect them and they run pretty well.

Whenever i try to use the PCIE splitter 1 to 4, the rig start to be very unstable.

Max GPUS that i was able to connect were 5 out of 6, also I let it mine (under overclock) the miner for 4 hours and it was very smooth.

After that i decidet to give the miner a reboot and something strange happened, it was showing only 3 cards. After few rebots, once showed only 2 cards, then again 3 cards and at the end i manage to get 4 cards till now. I tryied to delete all overclocks for all cards, stopped the Flight Sheet, and nothing. Still getting only 4 cards.
I’ve also tryied to switch risers, checked all the connection, exchanged some risers and nothing.

The fun fact is that, considering 5 cards connected (not even 6 yet), sometimes it detect like 2 RX and 2 GTX and sometimes it detect 3 RX and 1 GTX. Every time is different after a reboot.

My BIOS seems really old, i managed to disable HD audio, fast boot and to sed PCIE as main.

what could be the problem? Maybe this board is too old?

thanks for helping… i’m stuck on this since 6 days arleady

Splitters are hit or miss. Are you forcing pcie gen to 1 or 2? Have all the other recdomended mining bios settings applied?

hello, actually in my BIOS i can’t find any option to set pcie gen, I checked all over and didn’t find any

You could try updating your bios, but that’s just how it is with old motherboards.

yeah, i’m on last update wich was released on 2014… so most probably is that?

btw i now switched the PCI-E port of the PCIE splitter and it recognized again 5 cards after a reboot.

After a second reboot it recognized only 3 cards… IDK…

Yeah, I would use a more modern motherboard without a pcie splitter for best reliability personally. Just about every atx board from the last 5 years will support 5 cards without any issue.

ok i will try with another board and update


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