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HiveOs random reboot i need help please

Good afternoon, I’ve been using my mining rig for about a month and it’s all been errors, although I’ve been solving them.

This last error I have not been able to with it, it did not last more than an hour mining the HiveOs, it restarts itself and it does not give me any error anywhere, I am desperate and I do not know what to do.
I have changed risers and all the wiring.
I put my components to see if you can help me

motherboard: [MSI Z490-A PRO - Placa Base Pro Series]
Graphics Card: x9 rx 6800 xt (x5 XFX, x1 Gigabite, x1Sapphire, x2 Powercolor)
risers: [Gfryerty Ver009]
core: [Intel Core i3-10105F 10. Generation]
Ram: Kingston FURY Beast 8GB 2666MHz DDR4
Power supply: x3 [Corsair HX1000] Plus Platinum
PCI adapter: [XTVTX PCI-E 1X a 4 ]
M2 adapter: MZHOU Adaptador M.2 a PCIe 4X
Adapter 3 power supply: [Cable de alimentación triple PSU 3 Fuente de alimentación 24-Pin ATX

please if anyone knows what can happen help me, thanks for everything

What clocks and voltages on each card?

your core voltage is on the low side, i have cards that wont run at your settings stable. also looks liek you have nothing set for memory voltage or mem controller voltage, setting those will lower power draw a bit as well. heres my 6900xts:

also, youre on an older hive image, i would flash the latest stable image to start to get the newer drivers just to rule that out as well

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