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HiveOS random crashes with error: "Out of resources"

Hello everybody,

I’m experiencing random crashes on HiveOs mining on lolminer with 1 x 580 4GB (Zombie mode) and 2 x GTX 1070. Sometimes I don’t have issue for 10-13 hours, other times it crashes every 4-5 hours.

The error is always “Out of resources” and it occurs, on a random basis, on different GPU.

Any clue?

Can it be caused from an excessive OC considering that the same cards were working in solo using the same params?

Rtx 580: 1100 Core - 2200 Memory - 850 VDD
Both GTX 1070: 50 Core - 800 Memory

Thanks in advance for the help!

Here’s the error:

I recently had this happen while playing around with my overclocks. - I scaled up my mem clock and power limit and the rig suddenly crashed. I switched everything back and it seems to be running ok now.

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