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HiveOS problem (Rig working, GUI shows offline, "no address specified - ignore")


I have a problem with HiveOS. It was working perfectly for the past months, until 2 weeks ago, the miner was constantly restarting (same OC settings as before, same hardware, same coin/pool).

After that I installed the latest version on my USB, since I could not update the old one. These past 2 days I am getting errors with “no address specified - ignore”, the GUI shows that the rig is offline, but the PC is working and I can access it via Shell. I have another problem, when I send commands from the GUI (like changed OC, miner config and so on…) the commands are not being accepted by the rig :slightly_frowning_face:

I tried everything on different coins and pools, different miners, nothing works.

Please help!




what’s your agent-screen command shows?