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HiveOS pricing starting 11 of March

Dear admin

Would you explain this part taken from
Pricing March 2024 update


Deposit 3-month worth of funds to your account and get an additional 30% as a bonus
Use paid features during the last 2 weeks and grab such a pleasant benefit.
Check out “Your funds” in the account to find out the details.

Using 4x12 GPUs rig would me it will cost me 12$ per month
So if I deposit 36$ in one shot, i would get 30% more time ?

In addition, would you consider payment on the TRC20 chain, the Tron network has proven itself, because transaction fees are considerably lower than those of BEP20 or ERC20 which have exploded!

Everyone who mines altcoins receives their earnings in USDT TRC20 ! Otherwise it is impossible to make a profit unless you have a gigantic farm…

Last but not least, do you mind integrating unMineable as you did with Nicehash. This pool is very efficient with awesome support, “this is the place to be”


As long as you meet the requirements laid out in the links in your post, you would deposit $36 and receive $46.80. Have you considered using LTC to fund? There is a .5% fee, but that should still be in the same % as trc

Ok thank you Keaton
And what about unMineable ?

I can mention it, but typically the pools are updated by approving requests on github, unmineable could submit a request there if needed

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