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HiveOS Policy Change for payouts?!

Now if you’re below the 100% payout threshold, you dont get paid out.
WTF is this.

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that’s the new rule after EIP1559…

For a while, I thought there was a policy change <24 hours ago… phew!

They basically take your keys as a result of the new change even when gas fees are way below payout minimums.

How come other pools still offer lower minimum payout brackets and hiveos basically took a stance of taking your coins


I’ll answer you concisely and precisely. The folks in Hive are grifters that have been stealing from their miners for YEARS. Best advice I can give u is to do research and take your hashpower elsewhere. With every update to their core software, profits are reduced. They’ve been caught with their hand in the cookie jar more than once. I won’t recommend any pool cause I don’t want people to think I work for them or falsely spreading FUD here. So do your own research. But take a read here. I posted this before and the post was deleted and I was blocked from logging into the forum for two weeks after posting. I’ve seen a 10% GAIN since moving away from HiveOn pool. I suggest u get out ASAP.

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EIP1159 has NOTHING to do with payouts. The grifters in Hive are scum who skim off the top from all their miners. Them and 2miners. Worst offenders.

I mean they changed the payout policy after EIP.

whats up with 2miners?

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