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HiveOS performance issues

Good morning all,
I am new to the cryptomoney world but I am quite familiar with IT.
I would need your help because I currently have a 6x RX570 rig with HiveOS but I am having performance issues.
Indeed my average rate of Hach and 140 Mh / s, but my overviews of Hive OS indicates to me 177Mh / s.
I pool on nanopool and I do not overclock my hardware, I use standard settings.
Do you know why I have a difference between my average Hach rate and instantaneous?
Thank you for your light.

PS: sorry for the translation, use a software because I am french

There are several parameters you need to know.
There is a reported hashrate and there is a hashrate on the pool.
The reported hashrate is what is displayed in the dashboard Hive OS, which in turn takes it from the mining software by their API.
The hashrate on the pool, as the name suggests, is calculated according to the accepted shares made per unit of time. Your profitability depends on this hashrate. This figure is less than the value reported by the miner since:

  • miners have a developer’s fee and the miner mines time to time for the developer’s pool
  • overestimated hashrate figure in the miner itself
  • rejected shares related to various network issues
  • invalid shares related to overclocking, bad hardware setup, etc

Thank you very much for these explanations, I understood the difference between these data.
Where can I find overclock settings and GPU BIOS update for my RIG AMD RX570?

thank you so much