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HiveOS overbills me for a Cpu rig with RainbowMiner

I have 6 cpu mining rigs and recently I don’t know why but this happened
My 5 rigs are using purely hiveos while my 6th has RainbowMiner installed on top of hiveos.
It identifies my 5 rigs but what does rigs general mean? and why 0.98 amount? I’m confused. It has a huge daily cost also, so i need to fix this asap.
Each cpu rig costs me 0.01$ daily but the 6th one with RBM costs me 0.10$ daily!!
That’s probably faulty and madness!!

I maybe ditch HiveOS then

Can you post a link to one of your workers? 10 cents per day is the standard gpu rig rate. Do you have no gpus installed at all?

Yes sure. Sign in to Hiveon ID
I forgot to post pics also here u go

0 gpu’s

Thanks for that, got some clarification. It looks like since some other users have abused the free system by running miners on rigs without using the inbuilt flight sheet system those systems are now treated as full rigs. If you want the standard cpu rate you just need to use a flight sheet with a cpu miner like your other systems.

Only if you use OS built-ins CPU miners billing system can apply a special tariff plan for CPU rigs. Otherwise, the billing system will apply standard tariff plans.