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HiveOS - Over-Clocking not apply on Gigabyte RTX 3090


I just added one new card Gigabyte RTX 3090 in my HiveOS rig but it set its own over-clocking and not apply any custom settings resulting in a very low hash rate as shown in attached [GPU 2]

I tried different settings and approaches but failed to fix my issue.

Can someone help me how to fix this issue.

I noticed the same problem with my Rtx 3090 Gigabyte Xtreme. I already looked for it and so far I haven’t found a solution! Did you get a solution? Thanks

You fan is at 100% for this card, so you are likely thermal throttling. Either the thermal pad are deffective, or your backplate is too hot

Hello, i fixed this issue by updating thermal pads of my RTX 3090 card. you can see the process of updating thermal pads in youtube.
Issue was caused due to high heatup that reaches 110 degree due to which card forces to degree voltage and in result decreases hash rate.

Could you send me the link of the video? What brand and millimeters of the thermal pad you used?

I used this brand thermal pad. , for video you can search for thermal pad rtx 3090 on youtube you can find good resources.

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