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HiveOS OOM error

Since the last upgrade ([email protected]) it appears the kernel is running out of memory after a few hours. I have 4gb of ram, no swap.

Oct 14 23:43:07 rig-002 kernel: [ 8262.505598] PhoenixMiner invoked oom-killer:
Oct 14 23:43:07 rig-002 kernel: [ 8262.505753] oom-kill:constraint=CONSTRAINT_NONE,nodemask=(null),cpuset=/,mems_allowed=0,global_oom,task_memcg=/,task=PhoenixMiner,pid=5604,uid=0
Oct 14 23:43:07 rig-002 kernel: [ 8262.505756] Out of memory: Kill process 5604 (PhoenixMiner) score 93 or sacrifice child
Oct 14 23:43:07 rig-002 kernel: [ 8262.505780] Killed process 5604 (PhoenixMiner) total-vm:1568504kB, anon-rss:367620kB, file-rss:0kB, shmem-rss:0kB

any idea what’s going on? This have never been an issue before and linux is usually pretty good for running on not much memory.

Looking like this may be an issue with phoenixminer

… or driver issue (memory leaks) or both

Yup looking like mem leak, usage is climbing from aprox. 750mb until it crashes

with a lot of phoenixminer processes, not sure if this is normal

Strange phoenix is working on one rig after downgrading hiveOS and using an older version of phoenix. Same thing wasn’t working on the other rig so I’ve switched to teamredminer.

I had this issue and now it is fixed. I thought it was my USB drive (32GB) upgraded to M.2 SSD (120GB), but that’s not the issue, but it helped. Then I thought it was the miner software (phoenixminer) because the first error of OOM says to kill phoenixminer and it was using 18GB total-vm. It was crashing every 30min to 1 hour. So I switched to lolminer and no more issues.

See my screenshot.

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