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HiveOS only recognizes 3 of 5 GPUs in rig but doesn't care which 3

Newb here. I built a rig with two Vega 56 cards to mine Ergo (Autolykos 2) just to see if I could do it (I am old). I acquired three more Vega 56 cards and added them to the rig. The rig will only boot when I power three cards. Not when I power 4 or 5. And it doesn’t matter which 3 cards. I have an EVGA 1600 PSU and the power consumption with three cards is 450 Watts. A new Biostar TB250-BTC Pro MB, 8 GB RAM.

Sounds like your bios settings arent optimal, make sure to use the reccomend ones Motherboard setup

Done. Now it sees five cards and mines with 4 of them, but the fifth card now has a red X next to it and amd-info says
ERROR: can not match card id

And you’ve verified each gpu works on its own? Can you post some screenshots of your worker overview tab?

And thank you for helping me figure this out.

Additionally, during the HiveOS boot sequence I see:
[drm:amdgpu_bo_init [amdgpu]] *ERROR* Unable to set WC memtype for the ...... [drm:amdgpu_device_init.cold [amdgpu]] *ERROR* sw_init of IP block....

That looks like the cards tab, what does the workers overview tab show?

Updated prior message to include Overview tab. Almost like before, it doesn’t matter which card is the fifth card, it will only mine on 4 of the 5 cards (all cards work, just not at the same time.)

Double check your bios settings for pcie gen and 4g encoding. Maybe try other slots as well

Ya know what? Four cards is fine. I now have two spares. :slight_smile:

Good news. I got all six cards up and running. The problem was the BIOS, as you suggested. I was trying to use the TB250-BTC Pro BIOS update because that’s what the title page of the manual said the board was. And I would always fail. Then I noticed, on the BIOS update screen that the board was just identified as TB250-BTC. Once I downloaded THAT BIOS I was able to update the MB, actually find a setting for 4G encoding, and hook up and see my other two cards.
So, not a problem with HiveOS at all, but the bios, as you said.

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