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Hiveos on SSD using SATA to USB Cable

Hello All
I am using a SATA to USB cable to connect my Hiveos SSD to the USB ports at the back of the motherboard, is it ok to have it that way or is it recommended to connect the SSD to the motherboard directly

In my knowledge better to connect to the mainboard directly, I am using all the way the same may be anyone got more experience and can give more suggestion

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I’ve used for a couple of week an ssd connected by usb and i got some strange issues, like freeze, or miners restart randomly, all fixed after connecting ssd by sata, as it’s supposed to work.

I do not recommend to use usb stick neither, out of test purpose only, the frequent read and write stuff are not healthy for an usb stick

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Thanks. I will try that. I have gpu crashes and I tried with/without OC’s, bios changes, riser changes, OS upgrade/downgrade etc. nothing works. the GPU keep crashing . the only thing left is to change SSD to SATA

Post here your OCs anyway

I have disconnected the GPU4 since it crashed all night every hour, the pic was from few days old, I tried 1100, 1200, 1250, 1275, NONE as the MVDD. nothing works. The GPU crashes

Take a look in here and manage your OC

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Will try, thanks

do we need to stop the miner each time we tweak a gpu OC setting and start?

you actually don’t need it

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