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Hiveos on Laptop

Hi guys,

I have a laptop with RTX 3060m 6G, after I install Hive OS in the SSD, there is no display in my screen. Is the Hive OS suitable for laptops?


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Weel good morning, I mine on a laptop with Nvidia 3070 and it works well. Have aETH hashrate of 66MH/s after using isw for fan control and greenwithenvy for overclocking the GPU.

GitHub - YoyPa/isw: Ice-Sealed Wyvern


I have the same issue, anyone has solved this?

I think Hive OS does not work well on Laptop at the moment. I tried 2 laptops with RTX3060, it was the same issue

Try enabling display in hiveos. Worker option - > GUI enable

you need install the nvidia driver manual, I have same issue.

but I do alot to let the led off now, and it dose. haha…

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how? use ssh to get in and nvidia-install?

Good news. After the last update from hive, we can discard gwe, as the onboard overclocking feature enables stable overclocking
Core: 1190
Mem: 3500
Others set to 0

Results in 67.33 MH/s

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So I had the same problem… I solved this by disabling secure start in the BIOS.
The bios detected that hiveos was not an authorized boot source and blocked it.

You can usually access the bios on a laptop by spamming “esc” on startup.

Hope this helps!!

My actual OC Settings seem to downgrade from time to time as the CRC (during DAG creation) create invalid CRCs.
my new settings are:
CORE: 1150
MEM: 2850