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HiveOS nvidia 12 GPU ring?

Hi guys I have quick question is it possible to run HiveOS with 12 nvidia GPU? I know that on Windows there are problem with 12ā€¦

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I run 13 Nvidia 1660 Super/Ti smoothly on an Asrock H110 Pro BTC+ with HiveOS flashed on an SSD (booting with USB flash drive creates problems when power fluctuates and Iā€™m not around).

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Thx for answer :slight_smile: Right now I have 12 GPU on biostar and all is fine :wink:

Hi Nemesis how do you do run the 13th gpuy ā€¦ i can only put 12 ā€¦! i always have one Red ā€¦
please help me ā€¦20210529_122427|690x388

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