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HiveOS not seeing second M.2 slot

Can anyone advise please…?

I have a GB TUF Z270 MoBo with 2x M.2 slots, so able to run 8 GPU’s inc the 2 M.2 with risers. Tried to transfer my rig from SMOS to HIVEOS, but HIVE does not see the 2nd M.2 slot. It see’s the first one fine.
SMOS see’s all 8 GPU’s fine, but HIVE will just not see 8 GPU’s only 7!

Any Help or Advice in getting HIVE to see the 2nd M.2 slot? i can’t understand this as it see’s the first M.2 slot fine??

Thanks in advance

Anyone Please?

Want to move my final rig from SMOS to Hive, but not going to lose the use of one GPU.


So , no one help or even point in the right direction to look?

SMOS it is then.