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Hiveos no miner at flight sheet

Hi there, i have a problem to switch to another flight sheet cause i cant put there any miner, the choose option shows me no mining software, have somebody the same problems? Or just i make a mistake somewhere

I have the same problem showing up… did you solve it?

Hi guys,

Same problem here, any solution?

I’m having the same issue.

I just set up my miner for the first time and had the same problem, and to fix it I enabled GUI for my worker and then I logged to website via firefox directly from the miner and all options were there.
Not sure if it makes any difference what system are you using to log in to the dashboard, but logging in there on my miner seems to fix all the issues.

It came back for me, don’t what happened either,.

Hi everyone, this problem lasted for me a day and after, everything was ok, i think this happend sometimes after the Hiveos release a new update and also updates for some mining softwers, so my problem was solved and gone this way

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