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Hiveos mining with crazypool

Hi guys, did anyone used crazypool before? I’ve been trying with my rig, p106-100 cards, and cant get any hashrate. Everything seems fine, I can mine with same settings in ethermine, but when i switch to crazypool, no chance. And it just says low hashrate, no any other problems. Whats wrong, does anyone know?

Crazypool have some problem with the ssl certificate!
Put it to run without ssl that works!

Friend! I have the same problem and It `s still not working. I dont Know what the problem is, cannot connect. Maybe My minner config is wrong.

Please Help!!

Hey hey hey!
@harryalons @erdemirci after some investigation and reference in the official site,

I ended up setting the URL as stratum+tcp:// for it to work and started accepting shares.

Hope it helps!


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Definitely don’t trust these idiots and switch to crazypool! a crappy pool. balances reset! These are total scammers and idiots!;!!!

I’ve trusted in one of their admins, but after beggining of Eip1559 they reseted balances (data base was broken and they dont have any backup). One week later, I didnt receive any payment and they doesnt answer any message… Scam??

yeah, same happened to me. data base was gone and my balance was gone too. but i ve been refunded. i had like 0.05 eth and received the same amount back. one of the admins said that they were too busy, maybe you should contact one of them again. it doesnt seem like scam, but yeah, they are not so professional.

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