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HiveOS live stick wont boot

hi, i have unused dell laptop and i wanted to run hiveos on it from usb stick. i did everything acording to instructions(even watched few videos saying same thing) but my hiveos stick wont boot. stick is ok, bios configured and sees the usb. It’s just when the latptop starts and usb start flashing, nothing happens (like its not live usb) and just goes on to load win. I tested on different pc’s, sticks and its the same. I even installed TailsOS and it worked fine.
There are no screens because there is nothing to see.

if the drive doesnt boot on other systems, i would try reflashing

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yea i reflashed it a bunch of times even made other usb sticks. it turns out that it was BIOS security foult on each and every PC i tried. After like a hundreth try i finally got some PC response and it said “Secure Boot” was preventing booting from none verified USB. So i went into BIOS again and turned it off. Works fine now :slight_smile: