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HiveOS LA keeps rebooting even if off

Hi, I’m currently using my GPU miner hardware to plot chia, so I have heavy CPU usage. Even without any watchdog HiveOS still reboots my rig when LA > 36. How to stop that?

Oh and maybe somebody knows why rig goes offline (on the webinterface) when a 100GB plot file is finished and moved over LAN to my farmer

I have this problem to! But if LA >60 :frowning:
How to turn off that?

I have the same problem, if LA > 88

Same issue here, anyone found a solution?

You can change the LA threshold by editing the following file: /hive/bin/wd
Connect to your rig via ssh, then follow the instructions:
Use vi, as such: vi /hive/bin/wd, or whatever texteditor you prefer and change the follwoing line:
WD_DEF_LA=$(( CORES + 20 )
It sets your LA limiter, i.e. if you have 8 core processor with multithreading, it’s value should be 8*2+20=36, causing you sytem to reboot when 5 min LA > 36. So just change 20 to whatever you feel like setting you LA limiter to.
After you’ve done that reboot your system for changes to take effect.
Or simply execute: systemctl restart hive-watchdog