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HiveOS Keeps Shutting Down

After about 5-6 minutes, my rig stops mining and HiveOS seems to shut down. I get the following message:

My GPU doesn’t seem to be overheating. I see the temp around 65-75C. I did the AMD-info command and the memory seems to be working just fine. Can’t seem to make sense of this.

I think this is gpu riser problem…

So my GPU is connected directly into my motherboard at the moment. I don’t currently have a riser setup.

Check your power cables …from psu to gpu…

Everything looks secure. I double checked the connections.

The temp is high man. Also whT are the OC settings

Highest temp it went to before latest shutdown is 72C. After it shuts down/stops mining, the fan cranks up. I don’t have any custom OC settings. I’ve been using default.

What do you mean default. You gpu dies so you need to overclock them properly.

I had the same problem : the pc/ worker was repeatedly shutting down at 4-5 hours.
The GPUs were not overclocked , in fact there are sub-clocked relative to suggested profiles.
I realized that b350 chipset was hot, so I used an old cpu cooler to keep it cool .
No shutting down since than.
Configuration: AMD 1700 on Asus prime b350 plus, latest hiveos.