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HiveOS is Overwatting 5700XT Randomly

I am having an odd stability issue with my miner. First off, my mining rig consists of 12 cards. 1x 580 8gb, 1x 5500XT, 1x 5600XT, and 9x 5700XT. My problem is that anywhere from one to eight times per day I will get a low hashrate (0 kH/s) restarting, followed by a GPU exceeded 69 degrees rebooting error. When opening the temperature exceeded error, I can see that the overheated card was pulling significantly higher wattage than the rest - even higher than my power limit is set to for the card. I have tried playing with core voltage, mem clock, and memory voltages to see if I can resolve this problem. However, it seems as if it is a pretty random error between 3 or 4 of my cards. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Thank you!!

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same as i do… i’ve even tried to set a power limit but it is still overwatting as hell! and also reboots

and look! almost 200w per gpu which is a pain since my psu is only 1000w capable!! :fire_engine:Captura de Pantalla 2020-09-24 a la(s) 00.46.52|690x167

I recognized strange behaviour when overclocking my memory (5700 non xt). As i couldnt measure higher hashrates i operate with stock memory clock (875). So give it a try with stock memory clock

hi. witch version of the system is? and the driver?